AetherCon III Convention Program

Now that we have recovered for a couple of days from the madness of running an Online Tabletop RPG Convention,
AetherCon III would like to thank the many visitors, players, and GMs we had this time out. Because of you we
were able to experience an increase in traffic of over 100% from AetherCon II with a total of 1,578 users over the
weekend according to Google Analytics. We look forward to building an even better AetherCon IV next year
November 13-15/2015.

Additionally we would like to thank the following companies for being a part of our Vendors Hall and Prize Hall as well as taking part in our Live Publisher Q&As this time out:

Catalyst Game Labs
Chronicle City
D3 Adventures
Eldritch Enterprises
Evil Beagle Games
Far Future Enterprises
First Ones Entertainment Inc
Gygax Magazine
Hazard Studio
Hunters Books
Immersion Studios
Inner City Game Designs
Legendary Games
Magpie Games
Modiphius Entertainment
Moebius Adventures
Pelgrane Press
Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Post World Games
Spartacus Publishing
StoryWeaver Games
Third Eye Games
Thrythlind Books & Games
Troll Lord Games
United Sight Studios
Wizards of the Coast

We would also like to thank the following people for being a part of our lineup of guests and moderators this past weekend:

Rich Baker – Sasquatch Game Studios
Joe Bardales – Fainting Goat Games
Chris Birch – Modiphius Entertainment
Jodi Black – Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Brandon Blackmoor – Kalos Comics
Jason Bulmahn – Paizo
Tim Burns – Troll Lord Games
James Carpio – Gygax Magazine
Andy Chambers – Games Workshop
Stephen Chenault – Troll Lord Games
Christopher Clark – Eldritch Enterprises, Inner City Game Designs
Garrett Crowe – Threat Detected
Adam Daigle – Paizo
Jayson Elliot – Gygax Magazine
Robert N. Emerson – Rite Publishing
George Fields – Moebius Adventures
Brian ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick – Moebius Adventures
Luke Green – Thrythlind Books & Games
Jason Hardy – Catalyst Game Labs
Josh Harrison – FASA
Rob Heinsoo – Pelgrane Press
Kenneth Hite – Pelgrane Press
James Jacobs – Paizo
Michael Jenkins – Privateer Press
Marker Jones – United Sight Studios
Tim Kask – Eldritch Enterprises, Gygax Magazine
Steve Kenson – Green Ronin Publishing
Kevin Kulp – Pelgrane Press
Mike Lafferty – Fainting Goat Games
Eloy Lasanta – Third Eye Games
Mick Leach – Eastern Front Studios
Matt Lemke – Gamer Goggles
Hal Mangold – Green Ronin Publishing
Justin Andrew Mason – Adventure-A-Week
Mike Mason – Chaosium
Colin McComb – 3lb Games LLC
Frank Mentzer – Eldritch Enterprises
Marc Miller – Far Future Enterprises
Mike Myler – Rogue Genius Games
Jason Eric Nelson – Legendary Games
Jim Pinto – Post World Games
Stephen Radney-MacFarland – Paizo
James Raggi – Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Shea C. Reinke – If You Shea Show
Sean K. Reynolds – Sean K. Reynolds Games
Sarah Richardson – Contessa
Walt Robillard – Hazard Studio
Steve Russell – Rite Publishing
Jon Schindehette – The Art Order, Think Geek Solutions
Oliver Shead – Immersion Studios
Bill Slavicsek – Star Wars Historian
Joe Sweeney – StoryWeaver Games
Jeffery P. Talanian – North Wind Adventures
Ross Thompson – KingdomCon
Jonathan Tweet – Veteran RPG Designer
Ivan Van Norman – Hunters Books
Phil Vecchione – Gnome Stew, Encoded Designs
Rachel Ventura – Legendary Games
Robert Watts – Hunters Books
Bear Weiter – Monte Cook Games
Charles White – Fabled Environments
Jason Wiebe – Reaper Miniatures

As well we would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Art Directors who served as the bartenders of The Wandering Toad:

Brandon Blackmoor – Kalos Comics
Adrian Burton – Alderac Entertainment Group
Hal Mangold – Green Ronin Publishing
Cat Tobin – Pelgrane Press
Mike Vallaincourt – Privateer Press
Bear Weiter – Monte Cook Games

The Artists who participated in the Speed Painting duels held therein:

Colin Chan
Jason Cole
Miguel Coronado III
Jon Gibbons
Dion Harris
Chris Malidore
C.J. Marsh
Patrick McEvoy
Jeremy McHugh
Will O’Brien
Jeremy Rathbone
Adam Schmidt
James E. Shields
Eve Skylar
Lee Smith
Preston Stone
George Vega
Britney Winthrope
David Michael Wright

And those that contributed Original Art to our Artist Enclave:

Jason Cole
Chris Malidore
Jeff A. Menges
Will O’Brien
Mike Perry
James E. Shields
Eve Skylar
Lee Smith
George Vega
David Michael Wright

Not to be overlooked are the efforts of our interview team in putting together the interviews for the Convention Program

Jonathan Hicks – Farsight Blogger
Shannon McNamara – Storytellers Blog
Micah J. Holmes – Tyme and Yon Serpent
Kenny Norris –
Randall Scott Newnham – Growing Up Gamers
Erik Schmidt – Learn Tabletop Roleplaying Games
Brian Fitzpatrick – Game Knight Reviews
Angela Murray – Gnome Stew
and artist Chris Malidore who supplied this year’s cover art.

Finally, I personally would like to thank the all-volunteer staff of AetherCon III who dedicated many long hours bringing this event to life this year:

John Brese – Technical Coordinator
Stephen Jacobs – Website Design
Jaie Tolentino – Vendors Hall Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator
Joe Sweeney – Public Relations Coordinator
Ben Kramer – Podcast Technician
James E. Shields – Artist Enclave Coordinator
Emily Mottesheard (Font Girl) – Convention Program Layout
Lucas Servidio (Captain Copier) – Layout Minion
Casey Clark – Open RPG Coordinator

Special Kudos also go out to the following for their efforts in putting the ‘organized’ into Organized Gaming:

Jesse R Davis – Pathfinder Society
Brad Kelley – Shadowrun Missions
Michael Long – Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

On behalf of the staff of AC III, thank you all once more for being a part of the Dice Rolls Heard ‘Round the World.
Stephen J. Holodinsky – Event Coordinator – AetherCon


 Sunday Panel Schedule

Click on the tavern signs below to participate. All times are EST

And don’t forget about all of our great gaming tables… Check out our event schedule on Warhorn and pull up a chair.

Wandering Toad

Speed Painting Duel

12-1pm David Micheal Wright vs Miguel Coronado III

1-2pm Jon Gibbons vs CJ Marsh

2-3pm James E Shields vs Britney Winthrope

3-4pm Jeremy McHugh vs Jason Cole

4-5pm Jeremy Rathbone vs Colin Chan

5-6pm Dion Harris vs Lee Smith

6-7pm Chris Malidore vs Patrick McEvoy

7-8pm Eve Skylar vs George Vega

8-9pm William O’Brien vs Preston Stone

Click here to vote on the Speed Painting Duels!

 The Coin and Quill

 Ox & Mule

General Chat and Information

Opens at 8am until Midnight1

Have questions? Not sure where to go?

Wanna Win Some Neato Prizes?

Wanna find your game table? Check in here

Hop in and Say hello

 The Philospher’s Conundrum

Themed Panels

12-1:30pm D&D Legends

1:30-3pm Giants in Space

3-4:30pm OSR: Actually They “Do” Make Them Like They Used To

4:30-6pm Miniatures: More Than Tin Soldiers

6-7:30pm Superhero RPG’s, Whats Behind The Mask

7:30-9pm Looking for Players: Bringing New Players to Our Tables


We close out our Live Publisher Q&A lineup in The Coin & Quill with Thrythlind Books & Games (Luke Green), Hazard Studio (Walt Robillard), and Troll Lord Games (Stephen Chenault, Tim Burns, maybe more) Saturday evening between 6:00 PM EST and 9:00 PM EST. Join us as Eloy Lasanta (Third Eye Games) asks them *your questions* about their latest projects.

Grab your spot now by clicking on the Event Schedule tab in the Main Menu Bar

Come on out and be a part of the dice rolls heard ’round the world!


Wanna build your local gaming group up? Take in the ‘Looking for Players: Bringing New Players to Our Tables’ Panel with Josh Harrison (FASA), Sarah Richardson (Contessa), and Jodi Black (Pinnacle Entertainment Group) moderated by Carinn Seabolt (Evil Beagle Games) in the Philosophers Conundrum. Sunday/November/16 7:30 PM EST to 8:55 PM EST


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