AetherCon III Convention Program


It’s Monday and time to play Here Be Monsters! This week you can decide where to place The Hideout of Harlyndra The Bandit Queen in either Kelowna, Sault Ste Marie, or Mexicali. Just vote on one of the three locations below between now and Friday. We’ll total your choices on Saturday and in seven days you’ll know where their treasure lies and we’ll introduce a new beastie to the mix for you to vote on.

Where is the Hideout of Harlyndra The Bandit Queen


Last week you had to decide to place The Lair of Balelsevyx the Black Dragon in either Fort Chipewyan, New Orleans, or Miami. You have spoken, we have heard and Balelsevyx the Black Dragon has made his home in New Orleans!


Today’s Wallpaper work in progress comes from Jacob Blackmon. Jacob took on the image of Chief Eagledan Stormfeather – a Native American Chief with some mischievous summoning on his mind! Jacob knocked out this line work in an impressively fast turnaround time, we can’t wait to see more.

Be sure to check out more of Jacob’s great work at


Today’s Wallpaper work in progress comes from Colin Chan.

Colin is working on Kyyffas Galderian, a hunter of those ever destructive renegade mages! Colin is currently attempting to iron out the mood of the scene with lighting and colors.

More of Colin’s wonderful work can be found at

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