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Era: The Empowered - The Red Devil
[Event ID: ACV-136]
Event Type:  Game Table
Game System:  ERA: Empowered
Event Start:  Saturday, November 11, 2017 
9:00 AM EST  Convert Time Zone (New Window)
Event End:  Saturday, November 11, 2017 
2:00 PM EST  Convert Time Zone (New Window)
Location:  Details Provided to Ticket Holders
Description:  Era: The Empowered - The Red Devil: [Shades of Vengeance] The players are a freshly formed superhero team, having spent time training and being tested by the Empowered Division located in their city. They are finally ready for fieldwork, and their handler (AGENT JOHNSON) has picked out the perfect mission for their debut bringing down the notorious Red Devil, an agitator and trafficker who has been causing no end of problems for local law enforcement. Information on the Red Devil himself is scarce, but he is a known pyrokinetic, and as such his crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the Empowered Division. The players are provided a dossier that the Division has built around the Red Devil, which includes information on his gang (such as their signs and symbols, as well as common hangouts), as well as a list of confirmed powers for the Red Devil himself (all related to fire in some way). Their first lead is a warehouse the local police have identified as being marked with relevant gang signs. The players are sent to investigate, and discover a smuggling operation sneaking propaganda, arms, and ideological texts into the city. There are several armed guards and numerous workers in the warehouse the team can deal with. In the warehouse encounter the players will discover that the Red Devil himself is spending time on a ship outside the city, using that as a mobile base of sorts. The players will have to go there to apprehend him, or find a way of luring him into the city.

Minimum Players needed at this table: 2

RPG Sneak Peek: Shades of Vengeance

Players and GMs at this Table are Eligible for a Random Encounter Prize.

Players and GMs at this Table are Eligible for the Open Gaming Prize Table.

Players at this Table are Eligible for the Innovators Prize Bundle.

Event Status:   [4 Available Tickets] [Urgently Seeking Atendees!]
Currently Attending:  1
Event Organizer:  Lukasz Furmaniak 

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