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Era The Consortium: Foil Unit
[Event ID: ACV-405]
Event Type:  Game Table
Game System:  Era D10 (The Consortium)
Event Start:  Friday, November 9, 2018 
2:00 PM EST  Convert Time Zone (New Window)
Event End:  Friday, November 9, 2018 
7:00 PM EST  Convert Time Zone (New Window)
Location:  Details Provided to Ticket Holders
Description:  Era The Consortium: Foil Unit: (Publisher Game: Shades Of Vengeance) -- In the far future, Humanity and aliens are ruled over by a group of companies, known as the Consortium. However, due to intense dissatisfaction, a Resistance movement has risen up. A plot to kill 16 billion people and blame it on an natural disaster has recently been stopped by the Resistance... but not without cost. Stiletto Unit, the flagship team for the Resistance, was lost in the action, and several other units were also eliminated. The Resistance is incredibly short of resources, having lost nearly all of their ships, so a plot to steal a large amount of goods has been devised by the Unit Commander of Foil Unit. You will take the roles of these individuals, survivors of the Orion Incident, and the last hope for the Resistance to restore its power base, as they attempt the theft of the century... [Game Table Stats: Table Run By Leo Cosh; 4 Hours; Medium Experience; Google Hangouts Platform; Minimum of 2 Players; Pregen Characters: Yes; Newbie Friendly: Yes; Under-18: Yes]

Players and GMs of this Game is Eligible for the Open Gaming Prize Table.

Event Status:   [3 Available Tickets] [Urgently Seeking Atendees!]
Currently Attending:  1
Event Organizer:  Fred Harvey 

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