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AetherCon VII November 9-11, 2018 Online RPG Convention
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Haldegreas Baublebrook Prize Bundle Details
Single Bundle Draw Sunday Evening entrants taken from entrants submitted by vendors in Baublebrook's Bazaar.
(# of Haldegreas Baublebrook Prize Bundle Bundles being Awarded: 1)

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The Haldegreas Baublebrook Prize Bundle contains the following prize items:

Prize Provided by
Awful Good Games
Dungeons & Delvers - Black Book - Signed (Soft Cover)

This extensively playtested, profusely illustrated, lightweight-yet-complete roleplaying game is an homage to the "Easy-to-Master" black box of the first role-playing game (and the first version or edition that I ever played) that does everything I wish the original did (which might also include some stuff you wish it did, too).

Like the black box, the Dungeons & Delvers: Black Book contains four races (which function as races do in later editions: they’re not racial classes), four classes, and five levels, though each class has far more talents than you can possibly choose from in a five-level spread, and there are guidelines if you want to go beyond 5th-level (there are also guidelines for making and converting monsters if you want more variety).

Prize Provided by
Drop Dead Studios
Spheres of Might - Signed (Hard Cover)

Spheres of Might is a new system for handling martial prowess in Pathfinder and other D20 roleplaying games.

Barbarians, swashbucklers, knights, rogues; in the world of high adventure and fantasy roleplay, few things are as iconic as the martial warrior. From Conan the Barbarian, to Aragorn, or King Arthur and his knights, these champions of steel and valor stand on the front lines, battling foes beyond the comprehension of lesser mortals, and make the impossible seem like child's play.

Spheres of Might is a book for them.

Prize Provided by
FASA Games
1879 RPG London (or The Haunted City), Signed

1879: The world is our own, but history took a different course.

The British Empire is the greatest of the world’s nations, ruled by the Iron Queen, Victoria. The injury and infirmity of her beloved husband Prince Albert has made Queen Victoria even stronger, determined to push the Empire to new heights of technology — especially in medicine — and crush anyone who threatens her lands and people.

The Silver Exhibition, London, 1876. Twenty-five years after the Crystal Palace Exhibition, another is held to showcase the technological wonders of Britain. An ambitious inventor shows off his device to view great distances, but something goes wrong and the machine explodes and vanishes. In its place is left a circular field of … something.

One year to the day of the incident, the field opens. The portal reveals a vast new world of great resources, wonders, and terrors. By 1879 the Empire has a foothold in this new world. A massive fortification named Fort Alice is established at the end of the passage, which has been dubbed the Rabbit Hole.

The British are not alone in their desire to conquer this new world. Every great nation of Earth clamors for a chance to pass through the Rabbit Hole and stake their claim, while private industries and wealthy patrons petition the Queen to allow sanctioned exploration teams to chart the new world.

But the new world is not empty of intelligent life. Humans, descendants of the lost kingdom of Babylon, inhabit one of several continents. They have spent millennia mastering the technology they discovered when they arrived, technology that extends their lives, powers weapons, and can even bring the dead back to serve them. Organized into three castes, and inhabiting different city-states, these people — the Samsut — settle their differences through elaborate wargames. These games settle matters of state, while keeping them from destroying themselves with the power of the technology they wield.

On yet another continent, close to Fort Alice, the British armies have stumbled upon another intelligent life form, tribes of bipedal lizard men. An army detachment saved a village of these lizard people from an attack by others of their kind. Now, hundreds have come to swear fealty to the Crown. However, thousands more will resist any attempts to conquer them.

From the smoky skies and grimy streets of London, to the unsullied wilderness of the new world, adventure awaits!

Prize Provided by
Kittensoft Chainmail
Large Japanese 4in1 Dice Bag

The Japanese 4-in-1 is a nice open weave that looks good around your dice, and allows the bag to hold more than it seems. The bag has the capacity for 45 or more dice, depending on size and shape of the dice, although micro dice could slip through the holes. If you load it with just d6s it will hold close to 60 dice.

Be the envy of your gaming group with one of these bags!

Makes a great gift for gamers!

Prize Provided by
Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks is the definitive guide to taverns, how to create your own and bring them to life. This richly detailed 88-page tome offers a wealth of new gameplay options, 8 ready-made taverns, NPC's, rumors, secrets and over a 1.000 random list options. What are you waiting for? Step inside!

Turn ordinary tavern visit into remarkable, exciting roleplaying experiences. Need some inspiration for bar brawls? Peculiar games of chance? Innkeeper mannerisms? This book has it all, and more.

Chronicled by famous adventurer Quilla Bladesong, you will discover famous places such as The North Call Inn, Fizzlenozzle's Hall of Wonders and The King's Coin. Each includes relevant NPC's and a number of secrets and rumors that provide story hooks for many new adventures. Each tavern is written so that it can easily be dropped into your existing campaign world and become a place your players love returning to, time and again!

  • 88 pages of rich, inspirational content
  • Compatible with any tabletop RPG system*
  • 8 ready-made famous taverns & their history
  • NPC's, story hooks, rumors, foods & drinks
  • Optional new gameplay rules
  • Entire section about creating your own taverns
  • Over 1.000 options through random generation tables

* Some special effects are 5e-ish.

If you love creating your own wonderful places, Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks provides you a wealth of inspiration and options; there are complete sections full to the brim with generation tables, lists, and ideas to create and populate your taverns. They range from the types of drinks to be served, the variable exotic dishes, memorable features and even a list of 100 More Story Hooks for your Taverns

A range of exciting optional gameplay rules allows the GM to add a new spin on otherwise ordinary tavern visits. For example, the Security level introduces a new level of detail, posing interesting roleplaying opportunities for both the good and clandestine. Or how about changing how specialist combat skills are unlocked through sought-after veterans, instead of simply acquiring the needed XP? Let our book inspire you!

Prize Provided by
Lumpley Games
Apocalypse World 2nd Ed - Signed (Hard Cover)

Something's wrong with the world and I don't know what it is.
It used to be better, of course it did. In the golden age of legend,
when there was enough to eat and enough hope, when people could lift
their eyes and see beyond the horizon, beyond the day. Children were
born happy and grew up rich.
Now that's not what we've got. Now we've got this: _there's not enough
_and _bullets fly _and _everything breaks_.
You were born desperate, but you see the world for what it is, and you
are not its victim. This is the world, yes. What are you going to make
of it?

_Meguey and Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World is the award-winning and
critically acclaimed RPG that launched the Powered by the Apocalypse
design movement._

Prize Provided by
Paths to Adventure
Your Choice of The Big Book of Maps Vol 1 or The Big Book of Maps Vol 2 - Signed (Hard Cover)

The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Volume 1: Fantasy Adventure contains over 230 full-color maps created by fantasy cartographer Justin Andrew Mason. The maps are themed towards fantasy adventure.

Whether your adventures embrace classic high fantasy, swords and sorcery, or fringe on an otherworldly Lovcraftian realm, this collection will provide suitable cartography for your tabletop adventures.

Dungeons, castles, keeps, temples, sacred sites, urban sprawl, caverns, mines, dwarven halls, elven empires, extradimensional planes, heavenly encounters, hellish delves, and even ancient forgotten advanced technology – this book has it all. There are even ten Underworld mega-dungeons included!


The Big Book of Maps for Tabletop Roleplaying Games - Volume 2: Science Fiction is a cartography collection of more than 218 full-color tabletop role-playing game maps that is being created by Justin Andrew Mason. These maps are being created on a twice-weekly basis throughout the creation phase of the project (April 2018 - March 2019).he Big Book of Maps for 

Most maps will be geared towards a futuristic setting, though a few will likely have potential of crossing genres. The focus of this collection will be various science fiction locales such as space stations, planetary outposts, asteroid mining colonies, futuristic cities, science labs, spaceship deck plans, alien locations, and interplanetary waypoints, but will also include offerings for subgenres such as cyberpunk, science fantasy, and neo-noir.

Prize Provided by
Ral Partha Europe
3 Wizards and Accessories

3 different wizards plus accessories in 28mm.  

Accessories will include:
Chest of scrolls
Stack of books
Sentient broom

Prize Provided by
Rogue Games
Colonial Gothic: Atlas - Signed (Softcover)

A seductive song beckons to all those willing to travel to the New World and make it their own. Newcomers arrive daily on its shores to make a new start. Many come seeking the freedom to practice their religious beliefs free from persecution. Others, still, seek to exploit the new land's abundant resources to make themselves rich beyond their dreams. It is a place of great opportunity, where history will be made, a land filled with promise and hope... but also one of mystery and danger, with an ancient and dark history of its own waiting to be discovered. 

 Welcome to the New World.

The Colonial Gothic Atlas is your indispensable resource of the lands, people, and history of the Americas. Everything you need to know when it comes to setting your Colonial Gothic games in the New World is found here. 

 In this book you will find maps and information covering:

Each of the Thirteen Colonies

The Province of Maine 

New France

The Caribbean Islands
East and West Florida

The Native people who have been here long before European arrival


The machinations of the secret societies and organizations working in the shadows

Written by Gabriel Brouillard, Graeme Davis, and Richard Iorio, this book builds upon everything that has come before and opens up new possibilities for the brave and foolhardy.

 The New World awaits you! Do not wonder in fear at the dangers of the unknown or what might lurk in the shadows of the unexplored. You'll likely discover them in due course...

Prize Provided by
Rogue Genius Games
"Monster Menagerie: Draconis Arcanus


The true dragons are broken into numerous groups, each organized around a single common set of concepts they embody. The Chromatic Dragons are all organized by color. The Metallic Dragons are all organized by ore. The Imperial are organized by regions of rule, the Primal by elemental planes and related dimensions. All are creatures of powerful magic.

But none are creatures of pure magic. None are defined by what school of magic they embody. None, but the Draconis Arcanus.

Eight new forms of True Dragon, each embodying a single school of magic, from the defensive Abjuration Dragon to the ever-changing Transmutation Dragon, these are true dragons of pure magic, aloof and infused with arcane might in a way no other dragon can challenge. Each is presented with all the information needed for all twelve age categories, and three full stat blocks.

Also included are numerous Spell Dragon templates, allowing a GM to add various magic descriptors to allow for Chaos Infused spell dragons, or Druidic Spell Dragons.

Your players may think they know magic; that they know dragons ...

How Wrong They Are!

Prize Provided by
Spidermind Games
EDRPG Physical box set of all 5 EDRPG books - Signed (Hard Cover)

Blast into a dangerous galaxy, where the police shoot on sight, entire systems are overrun with space pirates, and money is the only thing that talks.  Gear up with high tech equipment to overcome heavily armoured combat drones, elite corporate assassins, and over-gunned soldiers of the interstellar powers.

Each player owns their own spaceship, which is completely customisable with multi-cannons, plasma accelerators, enhanced shields and super-fast Frame Shift Drives.  Land on alien planets and get behind the wheel of your Surface Reconnaissance Vehicle (SRV) to explore, or strap yourself into your own battle tank and storm pirate bases.

With fast-paced combat, a quick but deep character creation system, and the ability to earn money outside of your GM’s adventures, the Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game is perfect for beginner and veteran role players alike.

So power up your Cobra Mk III, keep your Micro-Shotgun handy, and launch into a galaxy packed with threat.  For in this dangerous galaxy only the elite survive…

Prize Provided by
Utherwald Press
Frozen Skies Softcover


A frontier land largely at the mercy of the savage Wulvers since the end of the Great Darmonican War, barely enough soldiers left to defend the rump of the Commonwealth's once extensive colonial holdings. With many towns cut off and large swathes of territory overrun by the beasts the safest form of transport is by air, but the breakdown in law and order as given rise to scoundrels like sky pirates and bandits.

Alyeska's frozen skies are increasingly becoming a dangerous place to be.

Carve out your own place in the wild blue yonder with rules for building your own aircraft and an alternative take on air combat.
Additionally; new Edges, Hindrances, Gear and a different take on Weird Science can be found within the pages of this book.
Requires the Savage Worlds core rules.

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