2019 August

2012 Aethercon Program-1

2012 AetherCon Convention Program

Interviews with:
Nolan T. Jones – Roll20
Allen Taileson – Clockwork Gnome Publishing
Oliver Shead – Immersion Studios
Ophelia’s Roleplaying Specialities – Venus De Coy
Michael O. Varhola – Skirmisher Publishing
Stephen Chenault – Troll Lord Publishing
James Dawsey – Vigilance Press
Steve Willetts – Polyhedron Games
Josh Kubli – Imperfekt Gammes
Lawrence Whittaker – The Design Mechanism

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2014 Aethercon Program-1

2014 Convention Program

Interviews with:
Jim Pinto – Postworld Games
Ivan Van Norman – Hunters Books
Walt Robillard – Hazard Studio
Jason Nelson – Legendary Games
Oliver Shead – Immersion Studios
Christopher Clark, James Ward, and Tim Kask – Eldritch Enterprises
Brian ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick – Moebius Adventures
Kevin Kulp – Pelgrane Press
T.Julian Bell – Raex Games
Joe Sweeney – StoryWeaver Games
Marker Jones – United Sight Studios

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2015 Aethercon Program-1

2015 Convention Program

Interviews with:
Jayson Elliot – TSR/Gygax Magazine
Matteo “Matt” Botti, Alessandro “Alex” Rivaroli, and Manuel Strali – Tin Hat Games
John McNabb – McNabb Games
Mike Mason, Jeff Richard, and Michael O’Brien – Chaosium
J.P. Chaplaeu – First Ones Entertainment
Josh Harrison – FASA Games
Phil Vecchione – Encoded Designs
Adam Meyers – Drop Dead Studios
Calvin Johns – Anthropos Games
Matthew Cutter – Pinnacle Entertainment Group

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2016 AetherCon Magazine-1

2016 Convention Magazine

Interviews with:
Rob Schwalb – Schwalb Entertainment
Robert Brookes – Encounter Table Publishing
Jason Hardy – Catalyst Games Lab
James Gantry – Rogue Blade Games
Ed Greenwood – Ed Greenwood Group
B.J. Hensley – Playground Adventures
Tim Prow – Diehard Miniatures
Kevin Glusing – Samurai Sheepdog
Wolfgang Baur – Kobold Press
David Morrison – Thistle Games

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AetherCon Wallpaper #4: Jome Mardo Manks by Quico Vicens-Picatto

Our fourth week of Wallpaper releases is here already?! Time flies when you’re enjoying good art, it seems. Today we have the opportunity to release a piece from one of our newer talents in the Artists Enclave.  It’s our pleasure to bring you the work of Quico Vicens-Picatto For his debut year here with us, Quico chose to illustrate Jome Mardo Manks – a creature so nearly forgotten that he is spoken of merely in whispers and fairytales. This old distorted harbinger brings nothing but ruin to those who may stumble upon his swampy lair…. or so the stories go….

Kael Patch Stoneslicer Preview

AetherCon Wallpaper #3: Kael ‘Patch’ Stoneslicer by Florian Stitz

It’s always a good day when we can bring out a new wallpaper… that means we’ve got all sorts of good days coming up as we enjoy our summer and roll into those autumn vibes! Today, we’re happy to unveil our latest addition to the Artist’s Enclave, a new wallpaper from Florian Stitz, painter extraordinaire. This year, Florian decided to illustrate the dynamic curmudgeon himself, Kael ‘Patch’ Stoneslicer – one of the grumpiest space workers you’ll ever find. And that’s WITH his coffee. Oof. Florian Stitz is a traditional painter out of Germany and seems to be producing OODLES of…