2019 September

9-27 last day

Last Day to Get your Game in!

That’s right folks, it’s the last day to register to run a game at AetherCon VIII. Come Midnight EST we’ll be putting together the schedule for folks so they can start registering Oct/1. Remember, the GM Playbook is the key to all! Don’t forget to help us count it down by attending our Player Registration Party Monday/September/30 at 11 PM NYC/8 PM LA/4 AM UK/1 PM Tuesday Sydney. There will be Trivia! There will be Prizes!


AetherCon VIII: Wallpaper #7: Jamburdeena ‘Burdy’ Mollermoggles by Bruno Balixa

The Artist Enclave returns for another wallpaper reveal! This week we bring you the return of Bruno Balixa. Bruno decided this year would be about the forests, when he took on the character work of Jamburdeena ‘Burdy’ Mollermoggles – a woodsy gnome who maaaaay be small, but has the mighty strength of the forest animals behind her, in all of their fierce and often dangerous ways. It would be advisable to make wise decisions in these woods. With a penchant for work that reads like a fairy tale, Bruno’s skillset in visual story telling ranks up there with some of…

9-24 Prize Hall

The Prize Hall is Open!

Cue Wagner’s ‘Flight of the Valkries’, the Swag Pelicans are on the way! There’s a whole whack of goodies that are being airlifted in from all these great companies in the Prize Hall. Make sure to click on the Treasure Chest there to see more details on the really great stuff you can win. Don’t forget to visit daily as we add more and more prizes flown in by our squadron of Swag Pelicans! “I love the smell of rule books in the morning.”


AetherCon Wallpaper #6: Stenvro ‘Clack’ Nemas by Chris Malidore

Today we’re back for another round of Artist Enclave Wallpaper art!  This week we would like to welcome back long term Enclave artist, Chris Malidore! This year Chris wanted to do something more dynamic than his usual and opted for the action packed scene of Stenvro ‘Clack’ Nemas – a LEGEND of the sea, and pretty swell guy… as long as you’re not at his wicked sword point. Our artist, Chris, has been sailing along with AetherCon since very early days, and when not crewing along with the convention itself, he’s painting up various scenes for all sorts of publications…