AetherCon Wallpaper #4: Jome Mardo Manks by Quico Vicens-Picatto

Our fourth week of Wallpaper releases is here already?! Time flies when you’re enjoying good art, it seems. Today we have the opportunity to release a piece from one of our newer talents in the Artists Enclave.  It’s our pleasure to bring you the work of Quico Vicens-Picatto

For his debut year here with us, Quico chose to illustrate Jome Mardo Manks – a creature so nearly forgotten that he is spoken of merely in whispers and fairytales. This old distorted harbinger brings nothing but ruin to those who may stumble upon his swampy lair…. or so the stories go.

While Quico may be new to AetherCon, it’s not for any lack of skill that we only just now stumbled upon his work – Quico’s work delivers compositionally and with a sharpness that makes him great to work with. Check out his portfolio and get a glimpse at all those monsters! Fun stuff! Anyway, this wallpaper is now YOURS for download over on the AetherCon Artist Enclave page, along with all of the rest of this year’s new wallpapers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Check back next week – we have more goodies in store

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