AetherCon Wallpaper #5: Warhaul Andi by Carl Frank

Today the Artist Enclave would like to announce another brand new wallpaper! This week’s download is brought to us by the illustrious Carl Frank.

Carl agreed to illustrate the EXCITINGLY SHINY science fiction monk, Warhaul Andi! This deft robot has absolutely everything you need for your budding corrupt religious practices! Custom programming guaranteed!

We are thrilled to have Carl join us this year, he has a vast experience behind him, allowing for fun dynamics, bold colors, and the escapism you would come to hope from any science fiction illustration. We hope you’ll not only go to download his wallpaper for your desktop, but to check out his website and peruse all of the neat art that he’s contributed to the gaming field that we love to celebrate here. All that said, next week we’ll be back with a brand new wallpaper, we’ll you here!

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