AC VIII Square

AetherCon would like to thank….

AetherCon would like to thank the following folks for making our eighth event one of our best ever: ANVIL ALLEY Aenor Miniatures Atlantis Miniatures Comet Lord Miniatures Dancing Yak Miniatures Demented Games Dragon Bait Miniatures Freebooter Miniatures Grimforge Miniatures Kimera Models Lost Kingdom Miniatures McNabb Games Ral Partha Europe Signumgame ARTIST ENCLAVE Wallpaper Artists Bruno Balixa Carl Frank Chris Malidore Clark Huggins Florian Stitz Jacob Blackmon Jim Ling Nicula Mircea Quico Vicens-Picatto Raphael Lucchini Speedpainting Duelists Adam Schmidt Carl Frank Carlos Balarezo Carol Phillips Chris Malidore Colin Chan Dion Harris Eric Summers Jayme Neverton Jeremy McHugh Jessica Fong Quico Vicens-Picatto…


2019 Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Rogue Voting is now Open!!!!

The Masters of Metal have Returned!!! It’s time for you to have your say on who is the best in the biz!!! You can vote now in *all* of the Group Matches until Friday/ Nov/15 5 PM NYC /2 PM LA/10 PM UK/Sat 7 AM Sydney. And remember, each time you vote, you are entered to win the Anvil Alley Bundle. You can find the Group Matches here: Update Links:   Group A: https://aethercon.com/cleric-fighter-wizard-rogue-group-a-preliminary-matches/   Group B: https://aethercon.com/cleric-fighter-wizard-rogue-group-b-preliminary-matches/   Group C: https://aethercon.com/cleric-fighter-wizard-rogue-group-c-preliminary-matches-2/   Group D: https://aethercon.com/cleric-fighter-wizard-rogue-group-d-preliminary-matches/


Thar’s Gunna Be a BRUSHFIGHT!!!

Thar’s Gunna Be a BRUSHFIGHT!!! That’s right, the AetherCon Artist Enclave stops for nobody, and we are back with a whole slew of artistic good times over in our annual Speed Painting Duels. Hop on by the Wandering Toad coming up as soon as THIS FRIDAY and running through Sunday, from 12pm to 6pm EST! These artists will square off and duel on randomly assigned topics with industry art directors being our faithful bartenders – sliding pints, talking shop, and embracing the spirit that so many of us know and love from this industry that we hold so dear. As…


AetherCon VIII Preview Extravaganza on Live on Facebook!

Tune in tonight at 8 PM NYC/5 PM LA/1AM UK/112 AM Sydney Live on Facebook for the AetherCon VIII Preview Extravaganza! ‘Podcast’ Pete Bryant sits down with Stephen J. Holodinsky (Event Coordinator), Chris Malidore (Artist Enclave Coordinator), Jon Frater (Fest Hall Coordinator) and Thomas Stratemeyer Jr (Prize Hall Coordinator) to talk about what you can expect to find at this years AetherCon!

RPG Miniatures - More than Tin Soldiers 2019

Themed Panel #16: Miniatures – More than Tin Soldiers Sunday/Nov/17 4:30 PM NYC/1:30 PM LA/9:30 PM UK/Monday 7:30 AM Sydney Christopher Clark – Inner City Games Designs Wendy Lord – Red Dragon Enterprises With Possible Additional Mystery Guests Hit the Book Now Button above or go to https://aethercon.com/events/ to get in on your favourite games, panels, & more.