Archons of Nikud

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Archons of Nikud

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Eras of the Archons 

Welcome to Archons of Nikud. In this setting for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition you’ll take the role of anthropomorphic beings from the world of Nikud. These demi-god like beings are the rulers, heroes, and villains of their homeland. We hope to release Archons of Nikud as a full-setting book in late 2019. For now, enjoy this Jumpstart as it gives you the tools to take up the legacies of the Archons. The world of Archons of Nikud is designed to be a series of stories set in various eras of import to the people of their world. Our first is Era of Unrest, where the squid-like Grimpotex rise out of the sea and take to the land. Will you join the Empire of the Chatoulim? Take to the sky as a Sokoli? Or, perhaps, you’ll care for the world as a spider-like K’Krax? Regardless of the internecine conflicts these species face, they are also harried by horrible demons that live on the edges of civilization. Will they unite against these creatures or will they lay themselves to waste before disease or demon can wreak havoc?

Are you ready to fight for the fate of the world?


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