Castles & Crusades The Complete Game – PRINT

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Castles & Crusades The Complete Game – PRINT

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Castles & Crusades is a fantasy role playing game with countless possibilities. Easy to learn attribute check system. Fast Character creation. Simple combat rules make for fast game play. Malleable rule-set allows you to play to your imagination.

C&C Complete comes with everything you need to get started…minus only the dice.

The Players Handbook has all the rules you need to play, along with 13 classes, equipment, mountains of spells and everything needed for character creation.

The Monsters & Treasure brings almost 400 pages of monsters and treasure to your gaming table.

The Castle Keepers Guide is a fantastic resource to expand your game and your world! Learn to play with optional rules or simple expand on material you have in mind or in the PH.

Assault on Blacktooth Ridge is an adventure that has a little bit of it all! The perfect starting adventure for beginning an adventure!

Also includes Character Reference Sheets!


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