Demon gate: The Tortured South

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Demon gate: The Tortured South


The Tortured South

    From the steaming jungles of the Crow Wilderness, where flesh eating cannibals pray to giant, carnivorous, reptile gods; to the southern mountains of Valhagan, where the stone dwarves work the magical steel known as mertacullum. The very same steel that is known to enhance the channeling power of magical energy. This sourcebook is an expansion to the atlas within the core rulebook. This book includes a map to the southern realms of Koth. It contains details on each of these kingdoms, cities, and brief descriptions on every location of the map. All of this information is obtained and recorded by the explorer and adventurer Marvo Montovis the Scribe. 

There are more character races within these pages and monsters native to these regions. Playable races such as: the goblin, minotaur, and the dark elf. As well, there are more character classes to add to your Demon Gate campaigns. Classes like: the Bow Master, Skald Berserker, and the Knight Errant. So, journey with us to brave the dangers of the Tortured South, and “keep the fires high” friend.


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