Operation: Daidalos – Recon Pack – 014

Operation: Daidalos – Recon Pack – 014


An adventure module for 4th. Edition. Softbound, 154 pages, Color Cover, BW Interior.


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Failure is not an option…

Over a century ago, Nature’s wrath and nuclear fire shattered the fabled city of Los Angeles, sweeping it away in foam and flame.

Even so, there were survivors.

Now, Recon Team JR-B13 awakens to find itself enmeshed in a conflict between forces that hope to send Mankind to the stars – and those that would have Humanity fall back forever into the Dark Ages.  Stopping the war may be the easy part though, for sleeping forces deep beneath the Earth could spell doom for all who now live around the Bay of Ellae, and only The Morrow Project has the resources to prevent the biggest catastrophe in the region since The End, one hundred and fifty years ago.

This game package contains information, maps, and systems necessary for the Project Director to run this scenario.  The package also contains information concerning the specifications for the High-Speed Vessel (HSV) Endeavor and the specifications, layout, and personnel of Juliet Echo One.