Thar’s Gunna Be a BRUSHFIGHT!!!

Thar’s Gunna Be a BRUSHFIGHT!!!

That’s right, the AetherCon Artist Enclave stops for nobody, and we are back with a whole slew of artistic good times over in our annual Speed Painting Duels. Hop on by the Wandering Toad coming up as soon as THIS FRIDAY and running through Sunday, from 12pm to 6pm EST! These artists will square off and duel on randomly assigned topics with industry art directors being our faithful bartenders – sliding pints, talking shop, and embracing the spirit that so many of us know and love from this industry that we hold so dear.

As with each year, at the end of each day’s session, at 6pm EST you can hop onto our website and VOTE on your favorite pictures from the day! It’ll even qualify you for some SWANKY COOL prizes via the Artist Enclave Bundle.

We sure hope to see you there!

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